intensive retreats

The two-day intensive coaching retreat is designed bespoke for each individual's unique life situation, and works like a rocket booster to get you motivated, inspired and into action. Using coaching tools, creative exercises and body-oriented techniques to encourage an ‘holistic communication’ between body, mind and emotions, you will have an opportunity to unearth and release the deepest level blocks and areas of stuckness in your life.

In the modern world, so many of our waking hours are spent focused on the mind and intellect; thinking, analysing, contemplating, strategising, measuring and resolving problems. The advent of social media and its ability to ‘siphon’ our time away, is yet another paradigm shift into the mind, keeping our brains stimulated and constantly over-worked. We feel time is too short, and the pressure to be and do everything becomes a long list of activities and agreements that keeps us busy without the experience of joy and fulfillment and love and connection that we crave.

Whatever specific challenge or issue initiates your participation in a retreat (job, career, relationships, family, health, wellbeing), the holistic approach of the work we do together will reverberate in every part of your life. This is because ultimately, only an integrated and balanced mind-body-emotion awareness can enable real fulfilment, meaning, and happiness.

The general framework of the two days comprises a minimum of 8 sessions (90–120 minutes each), with breaks and relaxation to absorb and integrate your learning. During the retreat, you will:

The retreat takes place at my home in the beautiful Beaujolais region, just outside of Lyon, France, where you will be in tranquil, peaceful countryside and have a calm environment to engage wholeheartedly in the programme.

The fee for an intensive two-day coaching retreat is £600 per day (€720). This includes your own room, delicious home cooked meals, and being taken care of with love and attention. Please contact me at to arrange a consultation and to discuss arrangements in detail.