Client Testimonials

I've had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients on coaching and leadership development projects throughout my career. They include: ABN Amro, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Communities and Local Government, Government Office Network, Forensic Science Service, Planning Inspectorate, and Lewisham Young Women’s Resource Project.

Individual Testimonials

Fariyal has been my coach for over a year now and I have felt very safe in her company, which has meant I have been able to share some difficult memories and issues with her. In doing so I have been able to objectivise better, putting things into perspective. Fariyal offers methods of exploring one's subconscious in truly enlightening ways and I know I will continue to use these, as they are very effective. Caroline, Executive Coach
I can’t recommend a course of coaching with Fariyal enough! Through her insightful guidance, she helped me to revolutionise my relationship with myself in the most positive possible way. By challenging me, asking the right questions, and also being immensely kind, she gradually helped me towards finding a better and more purposeful version of me, enabling me to emerge stronger, more inspired, aware, poised and happy, and in possession of tools to help me maintain a more fulfilling way of living. Thank you, I have immense gratitude and respect! Elizabeth, Pianist
I would recommend coaching to everyone! Life is so fast paced and we don't get time to think and access. For me, the coaching shed light on everyday situations. You don't need to have a life crisis to have coaching. It's given me an inner peace that I never thought I could find, and what's lovely is that it is really about finding yourself. Vanessa, Design Director, Global Online Fashion and Beauty Brand
I found the coaching sessions to be incredibly beneficial, at a difficult time in my life and career. I felt the sessions opened up so many other avenues and pathways. It helped me manage and approach difficult situations with a clearer objective. I definitely became more true to myself throughout the programme, and a year later, I am still seeing the benefits of things we put into practice. Charlotte, Fashion Designer and Brand Consultant
I would recommend coaching to anyone who is ready to make changes in their life. My coaching sessions with Fariyal changed my life, and helped me regain confidence in myself and trust in the future. Ophélie, Architect and Project Manager
YES. [I would recommend coaching with Fariyal]without hesitation. If you need someone to help see the “same old, same old” from another angle, if you need someone to challenge you to be honest with yourself, she’s it! Kim, Company Owner, Exhibition Design and Project Management
Coaching has completely revolutionised the way I look at my life and given me more confidence to follow my dreams. I realised that I had been living a life to make others happy rather than myself and in many ways not looking after myself. I was trying so hard to please people that I had no idea it was me choosing to please others and ultimately making myself unhappy.
Fariyal was very easy to talk to and never judgemental. I’m a very guarded person in general and don’t let anyone know much about myself without being totally sure I can trust them, but I didn’t find this hard with Fariyal. Kat, Logistics at Luxury Fashion Brand
The most valuable [aspect]for me was the integrated approach that works both on the physical, mental and emotional level. The different parts of the sessions were so complimentary and in different moments of my life, it was either one or the other that worked the best. For me personally, Fariyal is a very comfortable and light person to be around. There was a very good and healing vibe coming from her. I noticed this the first time I came to have a massage with her and how she had a much more thorough approach than just handling it on a physical level; that was the reason I wanted to continue with the integrated sessions. Anastasia, Writer & Operations at Global Assurance and Tax Advisory Service
I was a lost soul when I first met Fariyal. Within a short period of time, she helped me find my mojo and focus, and better understand what is important and when to let go. Mark, Partner at Leading Chartered Surveyor
I have found the whole experience to be very enlightening and want to thank you for your support and guidance through my search. Charlotte, Sales Manager at Fashion Brand
It meant a lot to me and I will always look back on this period as something to be proud of. Many thanks for helping me on the way, giving me all your valuable thoughts and advice, which I will continue to take with me. Also, thank you for being so sharing with your own life and experiences. Therese, Brand Designer, Own Business
I approached Fariyal last year, as I was keen to explore the next steps in my career with a fresh perspective. Her knowledge, guidance and support were of amazing value, and I would highly recommend her integrative programme — it was really inspiring! She is very attentive and has a clear, concise, methodical approach. In fully understanding my needs, I now have clearer direction in how to develop my own business and the timeframe to build this. Fariyal has a natural flair for the holistic field, with strong personable qualities, and her in-depth knowledge and experience in career coaching makes her brilliant at what she does. Thanks for all your time and dedication! Nazlee, Marketing and Communications Professional
I completed a programme of 6 coaching sessions with Fariyal over a period of six months. The purpose was to help me identify essential next steps in developing my career and to resolve how to tackle the practicalities and potential challenges entailed. I also introduced non-work related goals during this time. I found it very useful to discuss my thoughts, ideas and feelings about my issues with Fariyal, who encouraged me to talk, listened well and provided alternative perspectives. She was patient and non-judgemental in approach, particularly when I was uncertain about the direction I was going in. Her questions enabled me to focus and clarify my thoughts and she was keen to offer relevant support to help me achieve the goals agreed. I now have a much clearer idea of what I need to do and how in order to succeed in my aims. Alison, Director and Founder, Business Management Consultancy
Thank you — very energising and useful. I really feel as though I understand some things much better and have a clear route to execute some things that have been neglected. Thank you so much and I shall let you know how things progress. Kris, Principal Psychologist, Own Consultancy
Great workshop!!! Fariyal was a great coach and she gave us very simple but effective tools to boost creativity. Thank you for your generosity and for giving me the opportunity to be part of it. Sylwia, Yoga Teacher
What a joy to be in a [workshop] room full of people committed to cultivating their creative instincts. I am re-reading the little notebook Fariyal gave us and helped us fill with observations about ourselves. I will keep this notebook and I already cherish it. Thanks Fariyal for this guided tour through ourselves! Diane, Senior Business Analyst
I did well to participate in this captivating workshop!! I had the impression that it has been a long time since I’ve taken care of myself!! A very interesting workshop, which mobilized me, made my heart beat, and where I felt like living. A moment outside the habitual contingencies (work, family, etc.) and pressures of all kinds, where I had the support to find myself, to question myself, my life, and others… a time during which I felt that we are still tasting a good life, and failing this, it is perhaps necessary to accept unavoidable contingencies by living them as close as possible to the heart of ourselves. Hussein