How I Work

I believe each of us has a longing to express our true passion and manifest a meaningful contribution to the world. Yet many of us believe it's not possible. We subconsciously pressure ourselves to be ‘perfect’ according to others’ definitions, when this is not the truth of our experience.

Embarking on a coaching programme begins with the challenge of reaching out and arranging a free consultation. Whether initiated by your job, relationship, family, friendships or health, my relationship with each client is built on confidentiality and trust. It is essential that you and I can have an open conversation about difficult issues.

I do not work with any prescribed method or theory. There is already way too much information ‘out there’ on self-improvement. The vast mountain of advice available —books, blogs, positive-thinking theories, seminars, videos, seven-step models to a successful life, etc.— is endless! The real question is how much of what you read and listen to do you actually act on and put into practise? When you get home at the end of the day, whether you live with your parents, partner, children, pets, or on your own, when you stop and be still with your private thoughts, how do you really feel about your life? In those moments, do you choose to engage with your doubts and fears? Do you trust it's okay not to know who you are? Do you question without forcing the explanations and answers?

My intention is for you to discover and reconnect with your enthusiasm to ‘create’ the life you truly desire. With each individual coaching programme, my commitment is for the long term, to enable you to sustain the changes you make. I will provide an environment of gentleness and compassion, I will encourage you to tell the truth about your experience without judgement, and I will support you to make the time and space to experiment with the reality of your situation.

The sessions will allow you to:

Sessions are held via Skype (or in person when possible) and last 90 minutes. Depending on what you want to achieve, I also offer an intensive two-day coaching retreat, where I will work with you in person.

Please contact me at for more information and to arrange a free consultation.