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I specialise in coaching men and women from wide ranging professions in Public Relations, Media, Fashion, Design, Health, Banking and Consulting. My clients are people beginning to question the current modes of how we define ‘success’ in our society. They want to move beyond the restrictions of beliefs and self-limitation to the freedom of living a creative, healthy and balanced life.

My experience of working with individuals and groups has shown that no amount of career success, money, or material wealth can give us what we truly desire, which is to feel whole and at home in our skin.

I believe we are all inherently creative and that the world provides us with endless possibility to express our creative nature, whatever this means for each of us at the most fundamental level of our being. I will support you to look deeply, to peel away the layers of fears and judgements, and make space for the intuitive and unstructured. Reality offers us an abundance of tools for inspiration (painting, writing, photography, dance, and music are just a few of them). My aim is for you to gain clarity and embrace the responsibility to nurture your creative transformation, to manifest a sense of confidence and ‘being without doubt’.

Choosing to engage in a coaching programme is an extraordinary and life-changing process. It is a commitment to yourself to reflect, to journey inwards, and gently encourage the child within you to play.

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