About Fariyal Wallez

My Professional Story

Following a foundation in art and design, I studied for a degree in Architecture at Sheffield University. I won the undergraduate First Prize in the British Concrete Association's nationwide competition, Concrete Odyssey for the Millennium, and was awarded the Dr Brian Wragg Prize in Architectural Draughtsmanship. I worked in Berlin for several years on large scale Government and social housing projects before winning a scholarship to study at the Architectural Association, London. It was while writing my post-graduate thesis, Cities of the Min(e)d, a narrative exploration of memory and home in post-war Sarajevo, that I felt compelled to reassess my career. Bearing witness to the consequences of the physical and psychological damage inflicted upon a city and its inhabitants in the aftermath of the Balkan war, I wanted to inspire people towards self-healing and experiencing a sense of ‘being without doubt.’

Subsequently, I trained as a coach and massage therapist, and transitioned into leadership and management development. Since 1999, I have worked with several London based consultancies, where clients projects have included coaching senior leaders, designing and delivering accredited coaching programmes, facilitating action learning groups and psychometric assessments for directors and managers. I have supported individuals and groups from all walks of life, in public and private sector organisations, as well as private clients.

In 2012, I established Letyourbodytalk with the aim to integrate and redefine our relationship to creativity within the modern context of our busy and complex lives. I am a great believer in inspiring by example and feel it is vital for me to develop as a coach in tandem with nurturing my own creative passions. These include writing, flamenco dancing, life-drawing, performance design and dramaturgy. I write a monthly blog on Letyourbodytalk and publish personal blogs on google+ and Medium. I am currently writing my first novel.

My Personal Story

The defining event of my life was the death of my father. I was six years old, and having spent the early years of my childhood in India with my grandparents, when I finally moved to London to live with my parents and siblings, my father unexpectedly had a heart attack in his sleep. I had barely known him for two months.

When I was 24 years old, I participated in a seminar called the isa Experience, which was to alter the course of my adult life and work. The seminar gave me an opportunity to review my life and look at who I was from a wholly different perspective; like floating in a hot air balloon with a view on the landscape of my past, present and future. The crucial insight I gained was that I did not have to live the life I believed had been destined for me, that of a fatherless child, forever searching for a father-figure through unhealthy and damaging relationships with men, particularly the unavailable, married ones! I realised the map of my experiences and memories, my story thus far, was in reality a fluid and changeable landscape, and one that I could take charge of. With work and support, I could release the demons clawing at me from the past, and be free to ‘create’ the life of my dreams. Twenty years later, I am living my dream; coaching, writing, and significantly, being in an incredible and nurturing relationship.